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Willing to become the strongest nation in the world, the army decided to send their best soldier in the year 3333 to salvage new technologies from the future. Sadly, something went wrong, and you're now in the year 1333. Now, every peasan want your death, thinking you're some kind of witch, appearing out of nowhere. Thanksfully you bring your guns with you, show them what a real weapon is!

Use WASD to control the character, R to reload, mouse to aim and right mouse button to shoot. Your objective is to stay alive for the longest time possible.


"Thy Glock, my Lord" is my entry for the 2019 Kenney's game jam. We had 2 days to create a game based on the theme "Unexpected Combinaison" using only Kenney's assets.

Here is the list of all assets I used:

Sadly the lack of time made me rush this game, hence the lack of content and overhall quality. Only 1 map out of  5 and 1 type of ennemy out of 4 made it out. The story is poorly explained, and characters lack animations. Please keep in mind that this game is the result of a 1 man team  over 2 days.

Install instructions

Simply unzip the file and launch "Thy Glock, my Lord.exe".


Thy Glock my Lord.zip 23 MB

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